A note about privacy

UKCA Takes your privacy very seriously. This online booking system is secure - no one except you and the Coaches or Administrators you authorise can see your club information. No one except you can see your own personal information. UKCA does not share your data with any 3rd party. If you would like your data removing from our system at any time please contact enquiries@ukca.org.uk and we will remove all your data from the system.


If you, the club administrator, school or college would like to book members of your squad / pupils on to a course please use the squad member / pupils email address (If over 18) and a password to set an account up for each squad member / pupil. This allows UKCA to ensure all the details are correct and that we can keep a record of who has achieved UKCA qualifications in order to progress each person to the next level. Each person who passes a UKCA course is issued with a certificate, UKCA / Street Cheer Number and course information booklet and DVD.

If your team member is under 18 we can set up a temporary email and log in. UKCA will still require the name of the team member, please use the club address for the purpose of under 18's. This way we can maintain a comprehensive record of qualifications passed by assistant coaches. Please call the UKCA administration team on 01625 838557 for help when applying for courses for team members under 18. Thank you


Where do I input helpers

First enter and save your team. You will then see a yellow button - Edit Team/Add Helpers - Click on this button and you will see boxes at the bottom where you can add helpers for that team. Please note you are only allowed one helper per five team members.

How do I input coaches

When you enter a team into a competition you will see a drop down box to select your Coach and Assistant Coach for that team. You can only select coaches who are already registered on the system and associated with you club.

How do I associate a coach with my club?

Your coaches must each register themselves on this system. To do this they need to go to http://crm.ukca.org.uk and click on Register Today! They will fill in a form to register and then press Submit. This will take them to a page where they can choose a team. After they have chosen their team and pressed request, the administrator for that team will receive a message on their dashboard asking them to approve or reject them. Once they have been approved they will show as Coaches for you to select when entering a competition team.